Flower Care

It’s important to us that your flowers stay beautiful for as long as possible. For this reason, we use only the freshest flowers and foliage in our arrangements. However, proper care goes a long way towards ensuring that your flowers last.

Here are some simple tips to help extend the life of your arrangement:

  • Upon delivery, place your flowers in water as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your vase has been cleaned and rinsed out well. Fill the vase with cool water.
  • Remove all leaves below the waterline; submerged leaves breed bacteria and will reduce the lifespan of your arrangement.
  • Cut a couple centimetres off your flowers’ stems before placing them in water.
  • If possible, change your arrangement’s water every other day. Flowers love cool, clean water.
  • If possible, trim your flowers’ stems every other day with a fresh, diagonal cut.
  • Keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight, from sources of draft/heat and far away from the fruit bowl.
  • As individual stems wilt, remove them from the arrangement.